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Spiritual Principles
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Spiritual principles guide us daily. Rev. J. Aaronson has her own interpretation of
the universal laws that operate within our three-dimensional reality. These laws are just as
important as the laws of physics that we study in school. So we must learn and then pay
attention to them to be successful at the circle of life.

For example, trying to oppose gravity would be pretty silly. A natural law and a spiritual law
are both in force, just in different ways. The first commands our physical world while the
latter works on our spiritual or soul body. We are, in fact, a soul inhabiting a body for a
duration of time in order to learn lessons. The amount of time we get and the lessons we
work on is a matter of prior agreement - that's right! It's between our soul and the Divine
Source. Here is my version of the Universal Laws:

•        1 Law of Divine creation
You and God are co-creators:  prayer isn’t enough, you must do your work on yourself, and
whatever else is required

•        2 Law of Attraction
What you give out comes back to you multiplied; your thoughts of yourself and others are
projected out and mirrored back to you

Also, you attract what you are

•        3 Recognize the signs & signals - know how you get your messages; be aware of the
repeating patterns that indicate a message is coming through. Don't worry, if you don't get it
the first time, it will usually repeat. The universe is quite patient - there's lots of time!

•        4 Law of Energy
You create your world one thought at a time:  understand energy and how you use it to
manifest your thoughts into reality. Nothing is lost. Energy is neither created nor destroyed
so we never really die, only change form.

•        5 Law of Power
Keep your energy, stay in your power:  come from a position of power, stay grounded and
don’t give your power or your energy away.
Learn to recognize when an energy vampire is sucking the juice from you and stear clear of
these drama and hurtful people.

•        6 Law of Abundance
Scarcity vs. abundance; there is an infinite well in the universe. If you allow your thinking to
be limited then you will invite scarcity in return. A torn wallet, worrying over bills, not
giving to charity all invite "scarcity". Rather, give of yourself, your time and what you can
share in order to set the stage for others, as well as the universe in general to give back to

•        7 Law of Faith
Fear vs. Faith (both cannot exist in the same place at the same time)
If you’re afraid that something will happen, it usually does. This is also true of Love. Fear
and Love cannot be going on at the same time either. Look at your worklife, your homelife
and your personal relationships. Then ask yourself, are you in fear or faith? How about
decisions you have in your life? You will be amazed at what happens when you move out of

•        8 Law of Right Action
Right Action if Happening in My life (affirmation);have faith in the process of the universe.
Allow yourself to be guided and you will be. The flow of life is perfect. When we wonder
about the maze and where we're going, it's only because we can't see the whole puzzle. If
we could stand back far enough, everything would come into focus. There are no loose ends.
The right thing is the one that works out.

•        9 Nothing positive happens on a negative note; everything must
start with a positive outlook or it's a non-starter! Keep yourself positive even when you
don't feel like it. Ask yourself if it could get worse? In perspective, you're doing pretty good
right now.

•        10 Law of the Earth School
Everything happens in due time. Be patient and understand that  it may take time and it may
not happen the first time. Stay on course and all will work out. The master plan is at play.
Once we are on our paths, we will interact with the right people, the right activities, the
right whatever for our lives to take shape appropriately. The tricker is to find the right path.
Understand the Concept of the Earth School. We all have lessons that we must learn, but
each one has to be learned in turn. There's no skipping ahead. Pay attention to the other
laws to make this one happen!
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