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What is the Circle of Life?
Throughout history, man has wondered about the cycle of birth, death, and in most cultures
around the world there is the concept of rebirth. The swirl pattern is often depicted as
Circle of Life.
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The Circle of Life -A Journey Through Grief to Understanding
In the summer of 2007, intuitive Joanne Aaronson’s father was gravely ill from the aftermath
of a fall which landed him in the hospital. While Aaronson, an intensely spiritual person was
travelling in her ancestral Baltic homeland, she began receiving clairaudient messages from her
father meant to console her mother, just before and after he passed.  In this inspirational
memoir, she chronicles how her father, although not close to her in life – became more so after
death, and the journey her widowed mother took to reconstruct her life after the only man she
ever loved was gone.

Once the messages began, it quickly became clear to Aaronson that she was being guided by
the repeating symbol of the Circle of Life to capture the communications that went beyond the
veil of death. “Energy is neither created nor destroyed,” Aaronson writes, quoting Einstein’s
famous law. Her father’s messages and the amazing synchronistic events surrounding them
divinely inspires the author to provide daily guidance for her grieving mother to eventually
understand that there was, in fact, more to live for.  

As her mother moved through the stages of grief well known to those who have lost a loved
one, she showed increasing courage, fortitude and resilience. In turn, the teacher learned from
the student and the author underwent a journey of her own, based on life lessons inspired by a
common set of universal principles.

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Synopsis - The Circle of Life - A Journey Through Grief to Understanding
"By reading this book our eyes are opened and our mind is exposed to
'the circle of life'."   
Rabbi Yankel Kreiman, Palm Springs, California
‘Circle of Life’ is beyond coincidence and leaves one as a believer of the
possibility of ‘Through Grief to Understanding’.
Michelle Lusson, DD
founder of the Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing (CCWH)
and author of "Creative Wellness"
The Circle of Life - A Journey Through Grief to Understanding is an inspirational memoir
written to provide readers with a spiritual perspective on death and dying based on the author's
personal experience with her parents. In this sense, the book offers grief support, comfort after
loss, and hope to widows to cope with the stages of grief. Death is merely a veil that one
passes through, a natural part of life. Told with a spiritually enlightening, Kabbalistic framework
that is available for all if we merely open our eyes to see the divine guidance evident on a daily