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More about Joanne Aaronson
Joanne Aaronson is a nation-wide corporate speaker, weaving spiritually-enlightened topics
into the mix, such as creativity and working from one’s inner light. Ms. Aaronson is the
recipient of many industry awards for leading teams, projects, individuals and organizations
to success both nationally and internationally by using her brand of intuitive, empowerment
and creative techniques. She has presented to such organizations as AT&T, Lockheed Martin,
Concert, Project Management Institute, the
Community Center for Wholistic Healing as well
as many government agencies.

Joanne’s holistic philosophy comes naturally to her, as even from a young age she believed
that all religions have a common basis. Although her undergraduate major was physics, she
was enthralled by a comparative religion course at the University of Denver’s Methodist
seminary on the campus where she was further convinced of this belief.  She went on to
work in the telecommunications field as a project manager for nearly 30 years, all the
while, continuing her study of the spiritual domains. In addition, Ms. Aaronson gained a
graduate certificate in Technology Management. Eventually, she realized that her
technical/science and religious/spiritual studies were very closely linked;
that energy is
neither created nor destroyed
, as Einstein put it and that life goes on after death. Many of
the world’s great religions incorporate this concept, also known as reincarnation as one of
their precepts.

In 2001, Joanne Aaronson began to study at
Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and
Enlightenment (ARE) Institute for Intuitive Studies (EIIS), and eventually received
certifications in intuitive development. During her many years as a project manager, she
found that she was able to bring in her projects on time and on budget more easily than her
peers. Her studies at the EIIIS led her to understand that it was her innate ability to use her
inner light, otherwise known as intuition or inner guidance that gave her the insight to find
the risks, mitigations, schedule changes, inter-personal solutions and other answers to the
daunting issues that project managers must face on a daily basis that led to her success.
Joanne then formed her company, Life Transformations, LLC in order to facilitate others to
be successful in their personal and professional endeavors by using their inner guidance and
the techniques she learned at the EIIS.

Joanne’s purpose in writing this book is to offer grief support after loss and to provide a
spiritual perspective on death and dying. In addition, her mission is to further her belief that
one’s inner knowing (intuition) is the ultimate resource for the answers to life’s questions,
both common and difficult.

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