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This is a very well written book, not only does it keep the reader interested in content but educates him/her
along the way. It starts out almost as the author’s diary but soon begins to absorb other members of her
family, namely her mother in the passing experience of her father, and the communication through her from
him from beyond the grave.
The synchronicity of the ancient symbol of the ‘Circle of Life’ is beyond coincidence and leaves one as a
believer of the possibility of ‘Through Grief to Understanding’.
Michelle Lusson, DD
founder of the Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing (CCWH)
and author of "Creative Wellness"
Clairaudient Joanne Aaronson gives a personal and intimate portrayal of the
difficult challenges and pain surrounding the death of a loving father and husband. How the author and her
family cope with that passing is the subject of this heartfelt and uplifting story, a compelling confirmation
that death, representing the spirit's release from its temporary space-time constraints,
is but a physical illusion.
T. Lee Baumann, author of God at the Speed of Light: The Melding of Science and Spirituality , Window to God, The Akashic Light:
Religion's Common Thread, and The Seagu11 Project: a black hole science adventure to the center of our galaxy
By reading this book our eyes are opened and our mind is exposed to
'the circle of life'.
Rabbi Yankel Kreiman,
Palm Springs, California
Softcopy: 212 pages
Price $15.95 (retail)
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Contact info – joanne
Phone: 703 624 0130
FAX: 703-925-9205
"Losing my mother two years ago changed me and my life. Your book helped me to realize that I can
still communicate with her...It was a great reading!"
Alex Marbukh
Fairfax, Virginia
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I just finished reading your book. I was moved by your tenderness with your Mother and how you lovingly
coached her through her grief after your father's death. She developed a spunkiness about her that I
admired. Her journey from grief to reclaiming her independence made me think about my own life and the
work I need to do to build stronger relationships. Your voice throughout the book is clear and resonates
with so much compassion and understanding. Obviously, it was written from the heart. I am glad that in end
you were able to make a spiritual connection with your father. Thanks for sharing your story and helping me
to experience the circle of life. Great job! Well written!
Rod Terry, author of Hope Chest - A Treasure of Spiritual Keepsakes
Washington, DC
"I just finished reading your book, and I found much of it strikingly similar to my own experiences.  At times I
felt as though I could just change the names and places our stories are so similar.  The one major difference is
that my mother has now joined my father in Spirit--thus another turning of the spiral.
I believe that many of your other readers will also identify with your journey through grief to understanding
and will benefit from the hope and faith that your insights offer.  Thank you for writing this deeply personal
and touching tribute to 'The Circle of Life.' "
Rev. Wilma Donald
Vienna, Virginia
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"As I read your book I felt that like the law of attraction our stories ran very parallel to each other.  
Amazingly my dad’s name is AL and he too had Alzeimers disease.  It is surely not a coincidence that just two
weeks after completing your book my Dad made his transition.  From the other side he left a message to his
family members, 'Don’t worry,  Everything is going to be alright.'  I often reiterate, reminding my mother, and
remind myself of his message.   Your book has helped me to prepare and navigate through the next steps in
this cycle of life."   
Nina Rousseau
Fairfax, Virginia
The Circle of Life is a  wonderful resource for people experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one.  This is
the story of a local resident who lost her husband and her grief filled journey to understanding that she still
had much to live for.  A must for libraries with collections dealing with grief, loss and Alzheimer’s disease.
Jeff Clayton
Reference Librarian, Palm Springs, CA
Even with death, you can still form bonds. "The Circle of Life: A Journey Through Grief to Understanding" is a
memoir from Joanne Aaronson as she reflects on her own bonds with her father who in life, she was distant
from and how after his tragic death, she learned that there was something stronger between them that she
didn't see. Thoughtful and thought provoking for grieving readers, "The Circle of Life" is a choice pick
lMid-West Book Review, July 8, 2010
"I just wanted to let you know that I recently finished your book.  I think it is very kind of you to share such a
personal story in order to help people. The steps that your mom took during her healing process (such as
helping/reaching out to others) can definitely improve anyone's life.  It is really wonderful that you have such
good relationships with your family members, and I hope that your mom is continuing to thrive and enjoy
herself  :)!"
Suzanne L
Fairfax, Virginia