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Life After Grief
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Through a life-time of spiritual study, Rev. Aaronson has developed an underlying belief
system of universal consciousness wherein the soul continues on from life, to death to life
along the circle of life.

The Circle of Life - A Journey Through Grief to Understanding,  is her personal account of
after death communication in order to promote a
spiritual perspective on death and dying.

Where does this philosophy originate? The continuation of the soul after life, through a
wheel of rebirths is known as
reincarnation in the East. It is also integral to the Jewish
religion through
Kabbalah - the recurring wheel of rebirth enabling the soul to attain
perfection. The point is that
death is not the end. We do continue on, yes in another form,
but we never cease to exist.

As Einstein said, "Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes shape." Thus a
soul that has lived in this physical dimension, carries on in another form in the next.

Knowing that your loved one continues on provides a degree of comfort. Death is not the
end and under certain circumstances, communication with the departed is possible.

Anyone that loses a loved one goes through the stages of grief that are so painful it's like
tearing one's heart out. Understanding the increasing fortitude, courage and resilience of
one widow can provide encouragement to another. In this  amazing story, read how
Joanne's daily guidance helped her mother put her life back together after the only man
she ever loved was gone. As is common with the circle of life, there were journeys within
journeys, and eventually, the teacher learned from the student.

Learn from the experience of others while being educated along the way. There are
underlying spiritual principles presented that can provide guideposts from which to
interpret life's twists and turns during your own journey through the circle of life.

There is life after grief.
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