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The Messenger

On Thursday morning September 13, my return flight was yet another early departure at 6:
30 a.m. I ordered a taxi for 4:30 a.m., allowing plenty of time to get to the airport, go
through security, and then relax prior to the flight. As I got out of bed at 3:30 a.m., I
realized I was getting pretty good at doing this –as normally, I hate arising early. Typically
when John would hear I had such an early flight, he’d say, “I need to get a picture of this.”
Even though I told Ma she didn’t have to get up, she insisted I wake her at 4:00 a.m. to see
me off.
After saying good-night the previous evening, I heard Ma cry herself to sleep as she’d done
most of the nights during my visit. I knew her reaction was a combination of missing Daddy
and knowing that after I left, she’d be alone again. A grieving widow has a right to cry, but
in this case, fear was playing a role. I kept reminding Ma of her strength of will once she
put her mind to something. I reminded her of how she packed up the family house in
Baltimore after fifty years and moved to California once the decision to relocate closer to
my brother and his family was made. She would nod in agreement. ”When I’m ready,” she’
d say. Every soul moves forward in their own time.

I guess I had remained strong during my visit for her sake because once I was in the taxi
my tears flowed as if suddenly released from a dam. In the dark of the early morning hours
the relatively young taxi driver could still tell I was upset as he asked me, “Would you like
a tissue?” (Later, while at the airport, when I had more light to see, I realized he had given
me some fast food napkins he kept in his cab.) I appreciated his kindness as I responded,
“I just lost my father.” The driver then explained he never knew his father. No matter what
one thinks their problems are, there’s always someone who has it worse. Imagine, going
through life without ever knowing your father at all. I knew my father for nearly fifty-
seven years (I can’t claim to remember all the way back to when I was born), but it’s the

The airport wasn’t far from Ma’s condo and the taxi arrived before 5:00 a.m., according to
my preference. The taxi driver took my suitcase out of the trunk and handing it to me said,
“Remember, energy is never lost; it only changes shape.”  What wisdom from anyone, but
totally un-expected from a taxi driver, or was he really a divine messenger just disguised
as a taxi driver? I looked back at him and thought, “How very right he is.”

What the taxi driver expressed is not just a law of physics coming from Einstein’s relativity
theory, but is also a belief among spiritualists. It is the basis for the new agreement on how
close science and religion are in their description of the framework of life. What we know
as physical life is traditionally defined by three dimensions, (length, width, and height).
However, we can add in a fourth dimension known as the space-time continuum which
gives us a way of measuring change in the form of time. If we sit quietly, such as in a
meditative state, we can see into the past and the future. The present, past, and future
exist simultaneously from a time perspective; thus, what we see in this physical plane of
existence is all relative. Since energy is neither created, nor destroyed, it only changes
shape, a soul that was once energy in human form continues on as energy after it departs
this life.  

Daddy had transitioned from the physical form familiar to his family and friends to the
spiritual world in another dimension beyond our current understanding where his body was
no longer required.  In essence what the taxi driver was not only telling me, but reminding
me since it was a belief I shared, was Daddy’s energy continued after his death. I do
believe he’s fine in his transitioned state, and doing well according to the divine plan. Now
I must learn to accept the loss of his physical presence and acknowledge that another
Circle of Life has been completed.
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