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What is the Circle of Life?
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The Circle of Life. Babies are born... grow into adulthood... mature and next? Is there a life
after death?

The Circle of Life is the concept of birth, death and rebirth. The symbol of the swirl can be
found on rocks going back for thousands of years representing this concept. The maze of
life... the unknowns that we all go through as we take the journey. We all wonder where it
will lead each day.

Most of the great spiritual traditions have a concept of an afterlife. In addition, I believed
from early childhood that most also had a belief in multiple lifetimes. Afterall, can we really
be here for a measly 100 years? What is this amount of time in the overall scheme of things?

If you study the history of your religion closely, you will most likely find that there is a
concept of multiple lifetimes, also known as reincarnation. I was raised in the Jewish faith. I
was pleased to learn that if you just ask the right Rabbi, one of the Kabbalistic tradition or
Chabad, you will get agreement on this point.  

My goal in writing this book is not to convince you that reincarnation exists. Rather, it is to
give you hope that the soul does continue on after death and that it is possible to receive
information in the form of
messages  from loved ones that have departed. In this, there is
comfort to those left behind. It is a blessing to know the departed isn't suffering, they are
continuing to fulfill their respective missions and that communication -of sorts- is possible.
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