Overview of Joanne Aaronson, Rev., Ct. Reiki, EIIS   
A number of years ago, a renouned intuitive called me Star
Teacher during a reading indicating that I was indeed, a
very old soul. She said I came in with a group of soul's
thousands of years ago and it was my mission to teach
others. When I was studying at the Edgar Cayce Institute
for Intuitive Studies, (EIIS), I learned that I was to
be ..........
an explainer of ideals, a giver of knowledge.
Intuitive Life Coaching and Pastoral Counseling - Through her
company, Life Transformations, LLC. Rev. Aaronson works one-one with
individuals to overcome negative patterns to achieve their highest potential.
Inspirational Author - Rev. Aaronson's mission is to inspire an inner
light philosophy through teaching as well as writing.
About Joanne
Inspirational Books and Media
I also learned that my mission was to work to assist those searching for meaning in life to
understand how to access their inner guidance - their inner light. Combining over 20 years
of successful experience leading organizations, teams and individuals in corporate america,
I formed my intuitive life coaching company
Life Transformations, LLC. Using energy work,
relaxation methods, Reiki and intuitive guidance, I help clients move through life issues and
overcome negative patterns to achieve their highest potential.

In order to foster the same inner light philosophy for corporate audiences, I speak, train
and present workshops on maximizing creativity and other intuitive development topics,
under the umbrella of
Enlightened Leadership. This paradigm is aimed at moving Corporate
America back into balance by suggesting that leaders
do the right thing at the right time and
for the right reason

Once ordained by the Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing (CCWH), I added pastoral
services. My goal is to promote movement towards the positive to achieve a more
productive, healthy and authentic life whether for career, finances, team building or
personal situations.  
StarTeacher - Rev. Aaronson is a very old soul with a life mission to
teach and guide others to use their inner light.
Believing that my calling is to inspire others to use their inner light, I write the
EmpowerChangeNow Newsletter for a corporate audience, the Joanne's StarTeacher Blog
for a more introspective audience that wants a more in-depth understanding of the spiritual
principles I profess.

In addition, although my inspirational memoir,
The Circle of Life - A Journey Through
Grief to Understanding
started out as a journal, it quickly became clear to me that I was
being guided to share the story as a book. Understanding one's messages is a key part of
understanding the journey of life.  
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