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JOSAN PRESS was created to distribute inspirational books and media to provide
spiritual growth to the community at large. Initially, the books of author and intuitive
Joanne Aaronson are published and available. The company was established after
considerable thought combined with intuitive guidance. It even took a deer hitting my
(see Blog) for me to totally trust that all would work out! But it did. See BIO.
Eventually I hope to add books by other inspired authors as
guidance directs me.
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Inner Light Philosophy
Your inner light, also known as intuition, is your link to the divine. Only
this inner source can provide the correct answer for you when making
decisions or providing daily guidance when navigating the journey of
life. I've developed my own intuition through years of spiritual study
and reflection. All of my writing points to the importance of this
Spiritual Principles
There are spiritual principles that guide us through the maze of life.  I
didn't create them, but in keeping with my life mission to be
a giver of
knowledge, explainer of ideals
, I have my own version of these
pearls of wisdom. You may recognize some from the popular press.

However, it's important to understand that there's more to it. One
must keep the perspective of timing and learning our life lessons,
otherwise, we'd all
be thin and rich. More
About Us
Inspirational Books and Media
Community Service
In the spirit of abundance, 10% of profits are donated to charity such
as (
Smile Train and Alz). In addition to being a light worker with her
company, Joanne participates in community activities to spread the
light where she can, including serving on the Board of Directors for
her spiritual group, Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing

Additionally, she’s participated in other local charitable organizations,
as well as conducting probono presentations.
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Spiritual Comfort (Grief Support)
JOSAN PRESS is committed to bringing spiritual comfort to those in
need, particularly in the area of grief support after the death of a
loved one.
See Life after grief. Through, "The Circle of Life - A Journey
Through Grief to Understanding",
Rev. Aaronson shares her personal
account of how after death communication with her father helped her
mother move from despondency to an understanding that there was
more to live for. In addition, her spiritual principles are incorporated
in the underlying tone of the book as she interprets the "messages"
from her father. Widows and those finding themselves "alone" such
as after a divorce, can find hope and encouragement from this
inspirational memoir.